Persian Women in Tech is a US Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization established on March 29, 2015 in Silicon Valley with a mission to connect, mentor, and empower Persian, Middle Eastern & North African (MENA) Women in Technology globally.

With over 15,000 ++ members 90% of our community is technical including engineers, technologists, founders, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors.

We organize and facilitate programs such as

We want our women and girls all over the world, regardless of what the media, flawed societal narratives, and unfounded perceptions, have the equal opportunity to THRIVE.

As technology becomes more integrated in our society and creates a new paradigm, it is up to us to be intentional about equity, inclusion, and diverse representation in the space.


Our current Programs:

Conference: Women Of MENA In Tech

PWIT Monthly City events:
Monthly City events to connect, mentor, support, and empower the community!

At each event we invite unique speakers to cover entrepreneurship and technology. If you are interested in bringing PWIT to your city please email us at

We are currently in the following cities: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston, London, Paris, Austin, Washington DC, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Berlin, New York, Seattle.

Coming to a city near you soon: Edmonton, Dubai, Stockholm and many more.

more programs coming soon:

Workshops, Mentorship programs and other resources to empower and support our community!

If you are interested in hosting, sponsorship or partnership opportunities please email us at for more details.